Bonjour à tous !
Je suis actuellement à la recherche d'informations concernant cette édition de Clock Tower 3, éditée aux U.S.A. par Hollywood Video.
Réédition Low Cost ? Version réservée à la location ? Si vous avez la moindre information, merci de me contacter.
CT3 Hollywoodvideo
Hi everybody !
I'm currently searching for some informations about this version of Clock Tower 3, edited in United States by Hollywood Video.
Low Cost Edition ? Rental ? If you have any information, please contact me.


0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Enetirnel 23-01-2013 09:24
From a fellow CT/HG fan, collector and fan site owner (stalkinginsani - currently not absolutely complete yet though) - I've seen and checked a copy of that one.

It's a retail Clock Tower 3 US copy but as to avoid theft of the copy after rental there should also be a heavy security tag in either the book or possibly sealed on the top of the game disc itself. It's in their rental packaging as to provide a uniform look to a store (and most rental stores are not legally allowed to provide the original packaging for games unless provided by the publishing company) so to be able to provide a rental game they have to package it as part of their brand and makes it easier to track unreturned/stol en items in game and pawn shops.

When a new console generation comes out, rentals have been repaired due to damage or the store may be closing down is when this rental copy would have been sold unless it was traded in or sold to a pawn shop despite it's rental status.
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Enetirnel 23-01-2013 09:26
It is the exact same as the officially packaged US Clock Tower 3 as I've looked at all of the files on the disc, CRC and the like - exact same.

Some of the rental packaging may have incorrect information on the back that was later corrected but was either written up based on an older press release and then later copied from the back of the retail release as most of the rental sleeves are made before the game has hit retail if there's quite a bit of interest in the tile and typically within couple of months of the game's retail release is when the video rental store will then have copies on display for a price undercutting the current retail purchase price.
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Enetirnel 23-01-2013 09:31
But due to it being the exact same as the retail copy that I was able to check out when I was in America, I have not included it nor mentioned it on my site within the game versions as also for the older games (PS1 versions) and Haunting Ground, there are rental packaged versions of each game from multiple video rental chains (Video Ezy, Top Video, Blockbuster and so-on) across the world but all are the exact same and are really just repackaged retail releases that they have gotten a license from the distribution company to make part of their rental stock.

A lot of them are also typically damaged, may even be missing a manual (a decent amount of Video Ezy ones have manuals removed and have a basic control page laminated onto the inside of the game case) so they don't count as full different versions due to the sheer number of rental chains and that they all purely stem from the local region's actual retail version.
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Enetirnel 23-01-2013 09:33
If the game had not been released within that region then yes, it would qualify as being an entirely different game version but it would be redundant to go through hundreds of different rental packaged versions of the exact same game.

(And sorry for writing my site address down, I've actually been meaning to contact you once I do the coming update with lots of content on my site to see if you might like to affiliate with my site).
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Monsieur B. 23-01-2013 19:57
Hi Enetirnel !

Glad to meet another Clock Tower fan !
Thanks for all these information about this version of the game.

I suspected it was a rental version, but it's difficult to find information about it on the net. You brought me all the information I needed.
Thank you again!

I visited your site, and it's very promising! Lot of information that are not on my site, such as beta versions, for example. Wait to see the result when it will be complete.
As an affiliate, it will be a pleasure. Quality sites on the Clock Tower saga are so rare.
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Enetirnel 24-01-2013 23:14
No worries, glad the information was helpful.

I've sent you an e-mail to your site e-mail address, just let me know if there was anything you'd like to see on there that I am not currently working.

I'm currently updating the site today, so there will be more on there. ^^
0 # RE: Appel à témoin !Monsieur B. 25-01-2013 22:39
I have received your e-mail, but i'm little busy at the moment. I'll answer you on sunday.

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